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Our Story

Stillwater Online grew out of a desire to reach and change more people's lives. Brought to you by the team at Stillwater Consulting Ltd, it's designed to help individuals grow and make meaningful changes in their lives. We have over a decade of experience designing and delivering training programs to people like you. We believe that everyone has the potential to thrive and succeed, and this is a place where people can come to learn new skills, connect with others, and explore their niche. Whether it is an online course for a career change, discovering how to find your passion or even a personal development course, we have you covered!

Our learners are encouraged to have uncommon curiosity, interact with each other, and form a sense of community, as we believe that this can be an incredibly powerful and rewarding aspect of the learning experience.


We truly believe that with the right tools and support, anyone can achieve their goals and live a fulfilling life doing what they do best.

Our Vision

Changing lives.

Our Mission

Facilitate growth for our clients, students and employees by helping them find their niche.

Our Values

Ignite Possibility

We provide opportunities for people to discover, learn, expand and be inspired to make positive, lasting change in their lives. We invite you to get curious about what’s possible.

Act with Purpose

Our actions are focused, intentional and driven by an awareness that our world is constantly changing. We can see the big picture, stay ahead of the curve, and continuously adapt our content and support to meet the current needs of our community.

Create Connections

We bring people together to challenge and support each other in working toward their goals. Our community is a safe space where everyone is accepted, no matter where they’re at.

Lead with Authenticity

Change is hard, so let’s be real about it. Our instructors, creators and advisors lead with integrity, vulnerability and use real-life examples to inspire our community to make hard choices, too. We genuinely care about helping people learn and grow.

Make Learning Fun

We make learning interactive, engaging and intuitive for our students. Our light-hearted approach and individual focus makes our community and our content enjoyable. 

Embrace Contradiction

Life is messy, and we’re okay with that. We know things can be hard, but also worth it. We stretch AND support. We’re driven AND we’re humble. We’re comfortable with the uncomfortable, and we can find calm in the chaos.

  • Can I interact with other students taking the course?
    Yes! All members have access to the Stillwater Online community. This is where course-takers can connect, discuss assignments, network, join in on community challenges and access exclusive Stillwater Online webinars.
  • Are the courses self-paced or do they have a set schedule?
    The courses are self-paced. However, if you have purchased a course add-on (Group or One-on-one Coaching) there will be some scheduled dates for live coaching and discussions.
  • How do I sign up for a course?
    Navigate to the course page using the main menu and click the Register button. If the course is in pre-launch, we recommend that you sign up to get notified when the course goes live.
  • How do I access the course materials and lectures?
    To access your account, click the login button on at the top of this page. Sign in with your email and password to view your course materials.
  • Is there a deadline for completing the course?
    No, the course is self-paced so you can work through it in a way that works for you and your schedule.
  • Is the course content accessible on mobile devices?
    Yes, the course is accessible through mobile; however, the learning platform does not have an app at this time.
  • I have questions about registering for a course. Who do I contact?
    You can email us at
  • Is it possible to try a course for free before I commit to paying for it?
    It's not possible to try out paid courses but we have a FREE audio course: 23 Minutes to a Happier Workday. In this course, you'll get a sense of Amy McInnes' approachable teaching style as she lays out simple ways to be happier at work right now, no matter what job you have. Get your free course here
  • Will I receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the course?
    Some specialized courses will offer certificates; however, we do not provide certificates for all courses at this time.
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