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8 Actionable Tips to Craft a Values-Driven Life (Even If You're Still Figuring Them Out)

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We get it—discovering your personal values might not have been at the top of your to-do list today, and that's totally okay! We just wanted to plant a seed, give you something to think about, and provide a quick glimpse into what uncovering those values might look like for you and how you can start to integrate them into your daily life. Whether you're just dipping your toes into the world of personal values or haven't given it much thought before now, our aim is to offer you a digestible guide. So here it goes: 8 tips, packed with relatable and actionable advice, to guide you on your path to living a life driven by your values.

#1. Check-in with Yourself Regularly

Take some time now and then to reflect. What makes you grin from ear to ear? What gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside? It could be a compliment from a stranger, a funny moment during a Zoom call, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee. Over time, these reflections will illuminate patterns in your joy triggers (like human connection or moments of simplicity). Jot the thing down – it could be in a journal or in your phone notes; it could be at the end of the day, at your lunch break or first thing in the morning. Whatever you choose, try to build it into your routines.

#2. Get a Taste of Something New

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try activities or experiences you haven't considered before. Why? Because new experiences can reveal aspects of yourself you never knew and expose what truly matters to you. Here’s a story for you: so if you don’t know anything about climbing gyms, just know that they’re extremely social places. If you want to make new friends, simply walk into one, sit down and you'll come away with some besties. So naturally, Stillwater team member, Julie, a self proclaimed introvert afraid of heights decided to step out of her comfort zone and try rock climbing. Although making small talk with strangers and climbing a 50 foot wall were her own definitions of horror, she went for it. It was terrifying at first, but through adrenaline and unexpected connections, Julie found a love for the sport. It taught her to face her fears, embrace failure and learn to be persistent. For her, trying something new turned out to be the catalyst for revealing her values of adventure and authentic connection.

#3. Make Decisions with Intent

Practice making decisions mindfully. Before deciding on something, consider whether the choice aligns with your current understanding of what's important to you. This habit can help you uncover your emerging values. Does the choice resonate with what truly matters to you right now? It's a bit like being the director of your own movie – you need to make sure the script aligns with your values.

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#4. Follow Your Passions

Regularly engage in activities that genuinely interest you. Attend workshops, join groups, or immerse yourself in communities related to topics you're curious about. Your passions often align with your values. Do what sets your soul on fire. Whether it's joining a quirky cosplay club or attending a workshop about llama grooming, if it sparks your interest, it's probably connected to your values.

#5. Ask Friends for the Lowdown

Reach out to friends, family, or colleagues for their perspective on your strengths and what they admire about you. Sometimes, others can provide valuable insights into your values. Sometimes friends know us better than we know ourselves sometimes. Shoot them a text – ask what they admire about you. Their answers might surprise you and give you a clue about your values.

#6. Reflect on Your Best Moments

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Think back to those times in your life when you felt like you owned the world. Or recall the moments in your life when you felt truly alive, fulfilled, or proud. What were you doing? Now write it down. How did it make you feel? What emotions were present? Write that down too. Your life's peak moments can offer valuable insights into your core values; they were amazing moments for you because a core value was being upheld.

#7. Permission to Feel Your Feels

Try to pay attention to your emotional responses in different situations. What makes you feel excited? What makes you feel fulfilled? What makes you feel frustrated? Your emotional reactions can offer clues about your values. If you’re feeling down, this is a strong indication that your values are not being upheld. So next time you want to throw your phone out the window, consider what need or desire is being ignored – this is most likely a core value of yours.

#8. Assess the Traits of Others

Evaluate your relationships and consider the qualities you appreciate in others. What qualities do you cherish in your friends and family members? It’s often easier to appreciate the amazing qualities of others than it is to recognize those same qualities in ourselves. But guess what? Friendships and connections often reflect shared values, so if you admire a certain trait in another person, chances are it’s a reflection of a personal value that you hold. So be mindful of the people you choose to keep in your inner circle, take stock of your friendships and keep those who resonate close.

And remember, discovering your values is a dynamic process that evolves over time. Be patient with yourself, embrace the journey of self-discovery, and allow your values to shape a life that feels authentic and fulfilling.

The next steps in your values-driven life:

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