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We help people and organizations find and thrive in their niche by providing practical training, opportunities to connect, and a safe space to grow.


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Listen to 23 Minutes to a Happier Workday and discover simple ways to be happier at work right now, no matter what job you have.

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We have 2 amazing, self-directed courses available:

How to Find Work You Love and Finding Your Authentic Self.


The community is a great place to connect with like-minded individuals and discuss your goals and challenges.

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"Thank you Stillwater Online for including me in another one of your challenges. The 360 Recharge Challenge was a great reminder of the importance of simple goals to remember to take time for myself. Often I can over complicate simple things like even self-care and so I really appreciated how it was laid out. The benefit of tracking helped me see which activities I was naturally participating in and which activities seem to keep getting missed. It was laid out in a way that kept things light and fun. With this challenge and the previous one I did, the biggest thing I learned was that a small amount of effort, done consistently, can have a big impact down the road. "

Neil, Stillwater Online Workshop Participant


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